The Downs-Behle Studio specializes in, but is not limited to, large-scale installations in worship spaces and public spaces. It is our goal to integrate as seamlessly as possible into the architecture presented: be it new construction or a renovation; an intimate or a soaring space, a sacred or secular gathering place. We listen carefully to our clients, and strive to visually realize their unique needs, desires and vision for the project involved.
Our custom design work has to be different for every spatial architectural demand varies – denominational or public requirements alter the design options considered. These very challenges are what excite and encourage us to pursue artistic realization in each unique space.
Although much of our work is placed in contemporary architecture, it has been our goal to make traditional themes speak clearly…. To make a connection with those who bring their particular, often unspoken, expectations and needs to that space.
We have windows installed in churches, public buildings, commercial spaces and residences in Missouri, Maine, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.
References are available upon request: a resume and computer cd portfolio is available as well. Please contact us with any questions concerning our work on your project needs.