Restoration ††††††

Painting/restoration    Extensive experience in replacing painted pieces in old and damaged windows has given our studio great depth in understanding and replicating old painting and fabrication techniques. We have worked with many other studios in our area to provide them with painted replacement pieces for their restorations when they havenít a glasspainter on staff. It is often possible to conduct this through the mail or direct delivery, when the pieces are small enough to transport safely. Please contact us about this process if you are in need of any aspect of glasspainting and firing.
Ms. Behle apprenticed and worked with master painters in Boston, widened her experience and exposure painting new work and restorations for the Rambusch Decorating Company and has continued to work on many restoration projects over the years. Our restoration work is of museum-quality and can be fully documented and photographed in progress should the historical significance of the windows or needs of the client require it.
We are fully insured for the transport, repair and storage of such windows.

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